NYSHIP Will Reimburse Additional Medicare Part B Premium

The standard Medicare Part B premium (currently $104.90 per month) is automatically reimbursed by NYSHIP to eligible New York State retirees through their monthly pension checks.

For high earners (those with Modified Adjusted Gross Incomes exceeding $85,000 per person, $170,000 per couple) who pay additional Medicare Part B premium, those additional premiums are also reimbursable. However, the process is somewhat cumbersome.

To be reimbursed for additional premium, you must file with the New York State Department of Civil Service a Medicare Part B Income Related Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) Reimbursement Application after the year in which you paid premium. Each year, notification is sent to all retirees by the Department of Civil Service.

The application for your 2014 premium must be filed byDecember 31, 2015. The Department of Civil Service advises that you will receive your reimbursement "a minimum of 90-120 days from receipt of documentation."

For a copy of the application, go to: