Photos from our second 2008 Mets Alumni/NYSID Outing
(June 12, 2008)


Lenny Purzner and Jim Masterson

Event organizer Lenny Purzner (foreground) and Jim Masterson.


Johan Santana

Mets ace Johan Santana pitches seven strong innings giving up three hits and no runs while striking out a season-high ten batters.

Citi Field

The construction of the Mets new home, Citi Field, is progressing nicely.

Barbara Neidich

Long-time Mets fan Barbara Neidich enjoys the game, at least the early innings.

Gerry Scattaglia

Gerry Scattaglia leaves in disgust in the 9th inning.

Marc Bruckstein, Joel Duckoff and Ken Kaufman

Marc Bruckstein, Joel Duckoff and Ken Kaufman seem a bit distracted by the day's events.

Charlie Rap, Wayne Cotter and Frank LaMonica

Charlie Rap, Wayne Cotter and Frank LaMonica enjoy the sunshine at Shea.

..Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado gets thrown out at first.

Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner comes with a 4-2 lead in the ninth and quickly gives up two runs.

David Wright

With Jose Reyes on second and the score tied 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth, David Wright hits what looks like a sure double down the third base line. However it was not to be. An astounding play by Diamondback third baseman Augie Ojeda prevents the Mets from scoring the winning run. The Mets lose the game in the tenth to record one of their most heart-breaking losses of the 2008 season.

Welcome to Lenny Land!


Lenny Purzner

Show us your can opener! Lenny Sez: "I never leave home without it!"

Lenny Purzner

Lenny Sez: "Hit the showers, Wagner!"

Lenny Purzner

Lenny brings his evac-pac drinking water in case of emergency.
Lenny Sez: "Who says I just drink beer!"

Lenny Purzner

Lenny Sez: "P.U.! This team stinks!"