Were it a dream, it would be a most wondrous dream; but itís more. Itís a life. And I donít have to remember any of it. It remembers me.Ē With these words, Gene Poole-Hall takes us on a beautiful coming-of-age journey that will leave you questioning any preconceived impressions of the definition of normal, and lead you to the conclusion that, when it comes to family, at the heart of the matter, itís the heart that matters. This is a story that anyone who has ever loved, desired, and reached for a yearning just beyond their grasp can relate to. Geneís story is our story, and he tells it in a manner that will awaken all the remarkable and beautiful memories that have slept in some far corner of our hearts for too long.


"This book is a thing of beauty. Here is a writer who knows his way around a pun, a family, and the human heart. Here is wisdom, back in style. The tale is larger than life, but it will stick with you for its honest and surprising portraits of love discovered, love remembered, and love held high in those moments when life demands it." - Patrick Wang, writer, director and actor, ďIn The FamilyĒ

"A wonderful story of love, family and friendship and happy endings....This is the book you want to read when you want to feel the power of love." - E.A. Marshall, Florida

The book can be purchased for $3.99 as an eBook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook, and Smashwords.