Mark Gardner: Refrigerator Splitter

NYSID alum Wayne Cotter couldn't get his old refrigerator out of his apartment's kitchen. It seemed the only practical solution was to cut the fridge in half. From a YouTube video, Wayne learned that a Chicago junk removal service actually provided such a service.

After finding nobody in New York who wanted to tackle the job, Wayne contacted the Chicago firm but unfortunately the owner had no New York suggestions. To the rescue, another NYSID alum: Mark Gardner.

Mark graciously volunteered to borrow a Sawzall (which cuts through steel) from a contractor friend and attempt the job himself (with minimal assistance from Wayne).

Bottom Line: Mark successfully split and liberated the refrigerator from Wayne's kitchen (yes, the freon was professionally removed first).

"Mark and his handiwork"

To see what was involved in this cumbersome process, here's the YouTube video of the Chicago company at work.

So if you ever need a refrigerator sliced in two, you know who to call.