The Liskov-Cotter Connection

Helen Liskov, Richard's mother, taught typing and shorthand in Bridgeport's Bassick HIgh School during the late 1930s, when Sonya Billings, Wayne's mother, was a student. In 1939, Sonya was one of Helen's prize students at Bassick High.

Sonya, who turned 93 in March 2015, moved with her husband and family to Fairfield, CT in the mid-1950s and still lives in her Fairfield home. Meanwhile, Helen, who turned 103 this month (April 2015), still resides in her Bridgeport home. Although Richard and Wayne lived just a couple of miles apart while growing up, they did not know each other. However, they subsequently learned of the many friends they had in common.

Teacher Helen Liskov being honored in 2007 as the
University of Bridgeport's oldest living graduate

Student Sonya Cotter with great-grandson Ryne Cotter,
Christmas 2014