Glover Reinvents Herself

Let the Sunshine In

Some NYSID retirees spend their time at the beach or on the golf course;
others may work a few years for the insurance industry. Very few,
however, have completely reinvented themselves like Janet Glover has.

Janet left the department nearly six years ago, but beginning in 2011
found herself "busier than ever" as Chief Operating Officer of the Green
Hybrid Energy Solutions, Inc., a solar heating firm based in Westchester
County, New York.

The company, founded by Janet's brother and a partner, installs solar
heating systems primarily for commercial firms. The firm specializes in
solar photovoltaic (solar panels), solar thermal (hot water) and solar
street lighting and also works with their customers to reduce existing
heating costs. Green Hybrid operates in downstate New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

"This job is not as big a stretch as you would think," says Janet,
"since I'm primarily responsible for dealing with regulatory agencies
and utilities. My experience at the Insurance Department has definitely

Businesses are increasingly looking at solar solutions to take advantage
of government incentives that allow firms to quickly regain their
initial investments. For example, a New Jersey firm - according to Janet
- could recoup its original solar investment in 18 months rather than
the 10-to-15 years that is more typical.

Green Hybrid needs to deal with utility firms because a commercial solar
system never totally supplants a traditional heating system. The solar
system must be coordinated through the utility. Among other things, the
utility needs to know the type of solar panels and converter the firm
will be installing. (Converters are needed to convert current from the
Direct Current (DC) provided by solar panels to Alternating Current
(AC).) The solar heating system allows a firm to "store" energy through
the utility.

We wondered how Janet felt about dealing with regulatory agencies now
that she's one of the regulated? "For the most part," she says, "I've
found agencies to be very cooperative." In particular, she noted that
New Jersey and Con Ed have been quite helpful.

Janet feels her new job is an exciting opportunity and a great fit. "The
fact that I can work out of my home on a flexible schedule is especially
important to me," says Janet. "Since my mother now lives with me I
couldn't really handle a 9-to-5 office job. This works for me."

To learn more about Green Hybrid, go to or click here